Neartype’s a geo-tag platform for social data currently released in an Alpha version. Join the Neartype Alpha testers at the Google Play Store.


Android Status Report

Status Report (available on the Play Store) is a multi-functional or all-in-one tool for checking the details of your Android device and scanning your digital proximity. You can…


Whereabouts London

The Whereabouts London project was developed by the team at the Future Cities Catapult, featured in the Economist Magazine (Economist Article). The methods are available here (Whereabouts London Tutorial).  


Travelling Salesman with Neural Networks Visualised

The demonstration shows how the traveling salesman route is amended during successive iterations of a simulated annealing neural network computation (…). The routing considers 250 randomly selected cities…

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Average Incomes Mapped to London Underground Stations

Available on Tableau Public


Delay Tolerant Networks

The Internet of Moving Things – the visualisation shows the changing DTN Intranet created by buses in New York when simulated. The following simulation visualises about 15 minutes…


Spatial Telecommunications Modelling

Location Usage by Hour

London Bicycle Dock Usage

Given time-series dock data collected at regular intervals the following graphed usage at a dock location and compared weekday to weekend usage. Available on Tableau Public


Guardian: Open data is at the centre of London’s transition into a smart city

The article by Jon Card – a discussion on Smart Cities and Data in the Guardian newspaper.  


Visualising Manchester’s Lamp Posts

A mapping of lamp posts, their lamp wattage, heights and column types for the City of Manchester in the UK.