Status Report (available on the Play Store) is a multi-functional or all-in-one tool for checking the details of your Android device and scanning your digital proximity. You can share the information you find using Gmail or other apps.

Lookup your current Android version
View your hardware details
Check your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number
Check your SIM Serial Number
Lookup your Internet IP address
Scan and share nearby Bluetooth and WiFi devices with an associated position (latitude and longitude). Share this data via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or other apps.
Cell and Neighbouring Cell information
WiFi details (MAC, SSID, Link Speed, Lease, DNS and router information)
Get position (GPS and Network) and satellite information
View your position as provided by the location stack
Access CPU and Bootloader information
Access Runtime data
View Memory and Storage information (e.g. Heap details)
Check your battery health, voltages and temperature
Check your battery type (e.g. Li-Ion)

Status Report is also extremely useful if you’re attempting to ROM (e.g. Cyanogen) your device, providing information about the build and device details which allow you to choose the correct distribution. The app doesn’t require root or su activation to access the data presented.